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The best address to find everything in one place. News on KOshowKO & Philosophy Of Sound, feeds from various socials etc.

At the moment, probably the most frequently updated KOshowKO web resource...

Koshowko music on SoundCloud (including some rarities and unreleased tracks)

A place to check out KOshowKO and Philosophy Of Sound's video clips

Various news from Martin K, pics, music and more...

Photos, artwork, graphic design, life.

...and now two interesting oldies:

This is the old MySpace page of Koshowko Remixes. It's basically a taste of some remixes Koshowko's done for other artists.. (not updated but the music should still be there)

Some free downloads of Koshowko tracks (and ringtones) are here...



Music & Merch for Sale:

You can buy CD's and 320Kbps MP3's directly from KOSHOWKO as we have our own shop powered by PayPal. Check out the releases section for details and shop links. Also check out our BANDCAMP page! For a selection of other digital outlets, read below:

iTunes - Koshowko Digital Store
Get all Koshowko releases on iTunes. Click on the link here to find iTunes software. For direct links to our songs go to the releases section. Or just type Koshowko in the search window...

Waterfront Records
If you want to buy KOSHOWKO CD's from a place different than our own online store - we recommend Waterfront Records. They stock most of Koshokwo releaases in physical format. We might even give them some T-shirts soon...



KOshowKO side projects:

Philosophy Of Sound is the musical brainchild of a Melbourne based producer - Martin K. Martin K is an ex-Polish philosopher turned music producer. Who, after 
spending some time in his other project Koshowko, has decided to start a beyond-disco side project.

IUßΔΓ PΓΘJΞCT is the musical brainchild of Jaroslaw Binkowski and Martin K (also of @KOshowKO and @PhilosophyOfSound). Jaroslaw is the guitar player on IUßΔΓ PΓΘJΞCT's tracks while Martin K is the man behind the synths and production work. Martin K also performs solo as IUßΔΓ PΓΘJΞCT live..

Rycerze Dzieciom (Knights For Children) is a hip/folk/punk project conceived in Poland and currently executed by J. Binkowski and M. Koszolko from two countries: Poland and Australia.
J. Binkowski and M. Koszolko have been active in the Polish environmental movement as well as the underground punk scene in the 90s. They were putting out zines such as Autonomista (Autonomous), Bez Barier and Nora. At the same time they wrote several songs and now are still having a lot of fun collaborating despite the geographical distance.


Our Labels:

Emerald And Doreen
KOshowKO's current label. Check out the new 'Whispers (Remixes)' single as well as 'It's Time Now' EP with extended and instrumental versions alongside some excellent remixes.

Clan Analogue
Clan Analogue - one of Australia's longest running electronic music labels. Also, a place where KOshowKO released a debut single, an EP and tracks on some rather cool compilation albums.

Smashed Records
Established in 2003, Smashed Records is an Australian label with offices on the Gold Coast (Queensland) and in Adelaide, (South Australia). A little KOshowKO rarity, the track 'They Are The Law' was released on this label.