Press - BEAT Magazine - Review - May 2008

'Anarchy Monarchy' EP review

Written by THEORY

"If you take a look a little off the beaten track there is gold to be found. We are entering a time when the “Big Boys” of the industry are on their way to the junk yard. They are being dismantled by the unarguable higher quality of the lesser exposed releases because people are tiring of the same old crap.
Collect your Annuals, your World’s Greatest…s, your Clubbers Guides, and burn them. Leave that CD store and get on, iTunes, on myspace, read your Beat magazine and ignore the things you’ve heard of. Life is too short to listen to 2nd rate repeats.
Do yourself a favour today, get onto your iTunes store and get a copy of this EP. You will not regret it. It’s one of those nuggets I was talking about in the first line. Clever, catchy, dangerously original, well produced, and largely under the radar. Do not risk not knowing about this


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